Monday, May 23, 2011

How does she sit so calm and still ?

I have 6 kids.  Most of you readers already know this, but for those that didn't ... surprise!

My youngest daughter Myra is just over 11 months old (at the time I am writing this anyway).  And just like my other children she is very unique.  Perhaps the most unique thing that she does is this ...
Note how she wraps her right foot around
my arm for better balance.  Too cool!
She LOVES to sit high in the air, balanced on just the palm of my hand, with my fingers behind her butt for support.  NONE of my other kids ever wanted to do this, or anything much like it, at all.  I think Josh Jr enjoyed being tossed in the air and I recall Ben and Brooklyn loving me to do "baby body slams" where I gently tossed them on their backs on a very softly padded couch cushion.  But Savannah was NEVER a fan of even being lightly tossed in the air and Catalina only enjoyed it maybe once or twice (as reckless as she is that puzzles me!)

So Myra will just sit and sit and sit up there.  In fact, when she is in a somewhat grumpy mood and doesn't need a diaper change or food and is not tired, holding her in the air like this is the perfect thing to calm her down.  She will even put her arms up while I'm holding her in my arms to signal that she wants "more."

I'm sorry for those parents or readers out there who freak out about this, but I've NEVER dropped a child and NEVER lose control of them in my arms or hand.  I think it's cool and I know my dad used to do it to me and my siblings when we were younger so maybe it's just a legacy being passed on.

And the Progressive shirt of the day is ...
If you're thinking "That
doesn't say Progressive!"
Wait for it ...
look on the back

This is the back of the t-shirt
which is from a partnership
we have with the Motorcycle
artists from SuckerPunchSallys.

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