Thursday, May 5, 2011

Am I Getting "Too Old" for This ?

In about two hours I'll be sitting in a theater for a Midnight Showing of the new movie "Thor."  My good buddy Greg from work has attended dozens of premieres for a variety of different movies.  And I have accompanied him on probably a dozen or so myself.

I've seen at least one of the Pirates movies at a midnight showing, as well as these that also come to mind:
 - Superman Returns (l-a-a-a-ame!  very sacrilegious ... ask me why I think so!  I'll prove it to you!)
 - Indiana Jones 4 (also l-a-a-a-ame!  aliens?!  really?!)
 - Spiderman 2 and 3 ... both very good in my opinion
 - X-men Origins: Wolverine ... enjoyable
 - Transformers 1 and 2 ... both Excellent, if only for "summer movie" quality fun!

But I am beginning to wonder if I'm getting too old for this.  The crowds are usually crazed teenagers (or if not "teenagers" in years, certainly in maturity).  There are cheesy, dumb contests of embarrassment.  There is usually a long wait (I've personally "camped out" for about 8 hours at least twice) in a boring line just to get in to the theater (if you want decent seats anyway!)  Then the movie gets over around 2-3 in the morning ... and that is NOT good on the sleep patterns and cycle of an "old man."

So tonight is more than just the first time seeing a summer potentially blockbuster hit movie ... it is possibly the last time I make this kind of decision.  We'll see how it goes ... but if you don't hear about it again in a future blog, you can probably guess the outcome.

And finally, here's the part you're really excited about (NOT!) ... the Progressive shirt of the day ...
(to be loaded later since my wife isn't home and I don't know how to upload pictures from the digital camera!)

This is one of the few Progressive shirts
I have actually bought with my own money.
Our "Coach" team wanted to be unified
so we agreed to get these embroidered shirts
but I should have gotten a larger size
because it shrank and I hardly wear it now.



  1. When I went to see Indiana Jones 4, it was not opening night, but what stands out to me was the evacuation of the theater due to a tornado! I had to wait a week to go back and see how it ended.
    Jamie Bowker Pierot

  2. Hope "Thor" was good! I know what you mean about these midnight showings - the last one I went to was Harry Potter, and I don't think I'll do that again!

  3. I was thinking the same thing. I don't do the midnight shows but I usually do opening day stuff. I have seen all the X-Men films (including Wolverine) all on opening day (along with some others) and I usually like watching the movies with fellow geeks. X-Men: First Class may be my last.