Monday, May 30, 2011

How Hard was THAT ?!

So my wife is the president of a local Pool Board ... blah blah blah, I know ... you already know that.  One of the things that the pool has been talking about doing is set up a good e-mail address, Facebook page, and website for the pool.  And they've been talking about doing this for so very many months.

Today I established an e-mail address ( and set up a Facebook Profile Page (VGRA Pool) for them.  I added pictures of the pool to the Facebook page and also added the current pool board membership e-mail addresses to the address book for the pool e-mail.  Sure it took a little time to do this, but certainly not that much time!  As for the website ... that will be another matter for another day, but for the time being I think having the Facebook page and e-mail will go a LONG way toward bringing communication with the pool into the 21st century.

On to the Progressive shirt of the day ...

My newest Progressive shirt.
Don't ya just LOVE the
baby blue color on me?!  :)


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