Monday, May 23, 2011

Does anything I say stay in your head ?

I'm convinced that my children's ears have a hole that goes straight through their heads.  I can't be sure, because when I look inside there is so much wax I can't see out the other side ... but that has to be the explanation as nothing else logically makes sense.

The other day I was spraying texture on several areas of walls around our house that had been damaged by all sorts of things.  I told my kids very loudly (not a surprise for anyone who knows me) NOT to touch or lean against any of the walls for at least 30 minutes.  I can count on one hand the number of times in the last week when ANY of my kids has leaned against any of these walls ... but within 10 minutes of saying NOT TO DO THIS there were at least three incidents of me needing to remind them of this (and just as many more "touch ups" needed).

To be fair, I shouldn't have touched up the walls while they were in the house.  They are kids after all and therefore prone to making mistakes based on curiosity or just plain bad luck.  But the texture on the walls is only the most recent example of my words falling on the "deaf ears" of my children.

Perhaps the answer is that they have figured out how to tune out the specific sound of MY voice.  I notice that when one of their siblings calls them a bad name (no matter how quietly it is said under their breath and facing the opposite direction of them while also walking out of the room and with the TV on in the background), they hear that LOUD and CLEAR!  But when I am pronouncing something important for them to listen to, such as the phrases "It's bedtime!" or "Hang up your backpack." or "Is that where your book goes?" it is as though a tree fell in the forest and made no noise at all.

Sigh.  What parent hasn't felt this way hundreds of times in their life?  Oh well ... here's the Progressive shirt of the day ... I SAID ... Here's the PROGRESSIVE shirt of the day !!!
This is my current FAVORITE shirt!
Another in the series of shirts I got for
my team, this was last year's offering and
it is "Eco-Friendly" ... but what I like the
most is the color and the comfortable fit!

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