Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can't We All Just "Get Along" ?

I've debated about how much detail I wanted to go into on this post.  At length, I've decided to be as cryptic as I can, while still sharing something that really has bothered me for weeks now.

In one of the "extra-curricular activities" I participate in, there has been a recent rash of discord and movement away from unity among the group.  Not really a division of parties so-to-speak, but people are definitely choosing "sides" and making a big deal out of "nothing" which is ruining an activity and group that was supposed to be spiritual, uplifting, friendly, welcoming, inviting, uplifting, and most of all ... fun!

I can see both sides of the "dispute" and understand the passion it invokes in those involved.  There is an impact to families and time and even individual spirituality based on each member's involvement and the "side" they land on.  But I'm not torn at all.  I just think it is ridiculous that adults can be so rigid in what they believe their "needs" are.  For the record, I fully support the person in charge of the whole "activity" but even they are leaving room open for this kind of discord to exist.  There seems to be a sense of wanting to have both a large group and consistent attendance of everyone at our "activities" ... but it just might be impossible to achieve both at the same time.  And I wish that was "okay" in everyone's minds.

As for myself, I'll continue to participate in this activity and will gladly share my, hopefully humble, opinion ... if asked for it and not just because I think it should be heard.  I am hopeful that we can get back to the kind of awesome, uplifting spirit we've had in this group just a few weeks ago, but my faith in a resolution that works for everyone involved is waning.  I am fearful things are going to get even more "serious" than they have already become ... and if that happens I may have to withdraw from the activity that I have come to love so very much!  But I can't willingly choose to put myself in a confrontational environment ... I have enough of that as it is in the other areas of my life.

I've probably said too much.  I hope (if anyone involved in that activity reads this blog) that I have not offended anyone.  I am truly sorry if I have and would be happy to clear it up personally for anyone involved who would like to discuss it openly.  I just could not NOT blog something about it because it has not left my mind for more than a few seconds at a time in at least a week.

Thanks for "listening" reading ... :)

And today's Progressive shirt picture is ...

This was last year's shirt for my team @ work.
I really like this shirt but ...
the sleeves are too short.
I really have long arms compared to my torso.

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  1. Adults can be such kids. I hope it all works out.