Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Walked To Where ?

My wife and I have been taking advantage of the warm weather all summer long by going on walks in the evening hours.  We are unable to go every day, but at least 3 times a week we have left our children under the watchful care of Josh Jr (13 years old and a darn good "babysitter") and headed out for some exercise and alone time as a couple.

The conversations we engage in have taken many forms and the walks vary in distance, but we are always refreshed and renewed afterward.  More often than not, Karen decides the route and the length of the walk.  About a week ago, we decided to walk to YoYogurt (off Powers and Stetson Hills for those in Colorado Springs).  This was the longest walk we've ever gone on, but it was great!  I know Karen's legs were exhausted after the looooong walk, but it was broken up nicely with a huge cup of frozen yogurt delight.

Methinks we will walk this route again when the rainy weather slows again.

Our house (B) to YoYogurt (A) is 1.9 miles ...
so pretty much a 4-mile round-trip walk

Song Of The Day:
Another day, another rainstorm that saturated my new sod.  :)  And in honor of this, please enjoy the classic Eurythmics tune "Here Comes The Rain Again"  Although the tune is melancholy, I was nothing but HAPPY that the rain came again!


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