Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fantasy Football Part 2 - The Big Mistake ?

I feel a disclaimer is deserved here at the very start of this post.  I only set up a fantasy football league because my wife asked me to.  Okay, so she never really asked but she mentioned multiple times that she would love to play fantasy football this year.  I hate being a commissioner of a fantasy football league ... but I love my wife more than that, so there you have it.

The FF league commisioner has the responsibility to set everything up for the league.  This includes the draft (date and time, etc.), the positions being filled on each team, the participants invited into the league to manage a team, and, of course, the point settings.

It is with that last item that I made a MAJOR mistake.

Without getting too technical, there is supposed to be a balance in possible points in most FF leagues.  Offensive players typically generate the most points (QBs, RBs, WRs, and a few very talented TEs).  Defenses or Defensive players and Kickers generate fewer points, but enough to tip the close games one way or another if you played the right people.  I wanted to add in points for Special Teams players, specifically for those men who risk life and limb to return punts or kickoffs.  Those are some of the most exciting plays and players to watch in a football game, so why not get some points for having one or two of those people on your FF team?

Somehow I set up "Return Yards" with an exceptionally high value (1 point for every 5 yards).  This has caused players who only do ONE thing to generate more points than any other position player.  Like, WAY more points.  So much so, that my oldest son dropped many of his drafted players for "no name" return men, because they were projected to earn twice as many points.  It's not his fault for taking full advantage of the point settings.  It is mine.

Sadly, there is no way to adjust these point settings once the draft is done, so I am going to have to figure out a way to create an honor system in our league to keep any one player from having a "stacked" team filled with kick returners.

Song Of The Day:
Every year with Fantasy Football, I believe every participant is a "King Of Wishful Thinking" about their team, players, and match-ups.  This is a great song by Go West.  Enjoy it!


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