Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Male Version Of Hooters ?

I find it fun to take a simple comment or singular item and build a huge experience and/or conversation out of it.  I am sure it drives my wife crazy sometimes, but it also provides quite a bit of entertainment value ... and I would argue that it bolsters creative thinking to boot!

Aaron's wife Britney packed this shirt
for him to wear on their last stay-over
at our house.  He was thrilled!  :)
The image to the right (thanks Aaron S for modeling the "starting point" so well) was the genesis for a creative conversation between 4 arguably intelligent adults:

Things we discussed:
 - why isn't there a male version of Hooters?
 - could the place be called "Stud Muffins"?
 - would the waiters wear tight t-shirts and jeans?
 - could the menu be centered around more breakfast items (muffins, etc.)?
 - would people call the wait staff "Muffin Men" to compete with Hooters Gals?
 - could a partnership with Hooters be possible?
 - what would be the signature dish (like wings at Hooters)?

All told, the conversation lasted at least 30 minutes, which may not seem like much but I suggest you try and talk for that long about a random subject and see how long it is before you run out of reasonably intelligent things to say.

Song Of The Day:
No matter what happens, it is evident that the theme song at this restaurant would have to be "Whatta Man" by Salt N Pepa.  Ladies, just envision yourself at Stud Muffins with all your girlfriends enjoying a great breakfast to this tune.  Yeah ... you're thinking about it now.


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