Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Could My Timing Have Been Any Better ?

This week is turning into a rain-themed set of blog posts ... and I love it!

Although I consider myself an optimist, I generally plan for the worst and expect a lot less than "great" things.  This allows me to be disappointed much less, but remain positive and grateful when "great" things happen.

Freshly cut sod (about 22 rolls short)
When I exhausted myself this past week and weekend with the intent to finish the front yard landscaping before the predicted rains came this week, I never actually believed we would get this much moisture.  I knew some rain would fall, but I was realistically hopeful for two or three days of precipitation this week.  And we've already achieved that expectation!

I know I shared this photo before
but I love the way my grass looks
after rain or watering!
And the forecast is calling for rain all the way through Sunday to boot!  I could not be happier with the timing of getting my new sod laid.  It makes all the back-breaking labor and dripping sweat in the heat of mid-day sun worth it!  It would be impossible for me to convey my gratitude to Mother Nature (working in harmony with our Heavenly Father of course) for the help in watering my lawn.

Separate from my own selfish desires, this water is helping to build up our watershed and reservoirs.  I am grateful for that, but also mindful of areas that are now beginning to flood.  I am hopeful this blessing does not become a curse for too many others if too much rain is received.

Song Of The Day:
My mom will tell you stories of my love of music from before I can remember them.  Apparently I had great taste even as a child because "I Love A Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt was one of those favorites.  It is still a great tune that puts a smile on my face.  The lyrics "Showers wash all my cares away.  I wake up to a sunny day!" are so accurate!


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