Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where Is Everybody ?

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend an Air Force Academy football game.  The opponent was Wyoming (whose uniforms were actually much better than the last time I saw them play decades ago).

I say "opportunity" because I had won 2 tickets (including some food vouchers) from a special giveaway at my work.  I also say "opportunity" in the slightly sarcastic sense that ... to the right is a picture of the whole group that came to attend the game.  20 tickets were given away.  Throughout the game, I saw only two other people in our section from work.

Oh well ... it was an exciting game for a little while (the home team began to lose very badly midway through the second quarter) but the late start (8:30pm MDT) and cold weather caused my buddy Tony and I to call it quits before it was all said and done.

Song Of The Day:
I am sure many people have actually heard this Bonus Track single title "All By Myself" which was at the very end of the Dookie album by Green Day.  I remember letting the CD play on repeat shuffle in my room in Greeley, CO.  The music stopped eventually (or so I thought) but I was so busy doing whatever I was doing (probably arranging my hats on the wall) that I didn't notice.  That is, until I started to hear this song begin to play.  The irony of timing was not lost on me then.  I laughed and laughed.  Good one boys, good one!


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