Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Wet Was It ?

Due to the heavy rains we have been experiencing these past few weeks here in the Colorado Springs metropolitan area, our normally dry landscape has been subjected to all kinds of circumstances usually reserved for more humid parts of the country.

One example was yesterday's golfing experience at Antler Creek golf course in Falcon, CO.  For our 18-hole round, Aaron and I were driving a cart, which had to remain on the cart path (to avoid getting stuck or leaving tread marks across the soggy course) for the entire round - no exceptions!  Through the first 9 holes, I felt the squishing under my shoes as we traversed fairways and greens, but in my mind I still wondered why the golf carts couldn't cross the landscape.  That is, until our experience on the 11th hole.

The tee box affords a breathtaking view of the front range, including majestic Pikes Peak.  Aaron had "honors" so he prepared for and took his first swing of the hole.  The ball traveled several hundred feet ... almost straight UP in the air!  But at least it was headed to the fairway so it would be easy to find, right?!  When it landed a few seconds later we just heard a thump.  After my tee shot, we drove down to find Aaron's ball ... and nearly drove past it.  Why?  See for yourself in the pictures below.

Being the gentleman I am (and claiming my own made-up "poor course conditions" rule), I did not make Aaron take the standard one-stroke penalty for retrieving his ball.  However, he did have a hard time hitting his second shot since we were both laughing so hard!

Song Of The Day:
Inspired by the picture and experience described above, please enjoy Sugarland's hit song "Stuck Like Glue"
Thankfully Aaron rescued his ball before the glue set up!  :)


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