Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Do I Like This Picture So Much ?

I am not a photographer.

This was drilled into my head through a Intro to Photography class I took in high school.
Oh sure any idiot with a camera can take pictures.  Now any idiot with a phone can too.  I am just one of those idiots, and yet ... every so often, I will snap a photo that really sticks with me.  The picture featured in today's post is an example of that.

I cannot really say why I like this one so much.  I have seen, and taken, many photos of sunlight behind clouds.  There are millions that are probably more beautiful than this one for a variety of reasons.  But I love this picture.
It has been the wallpaper on my phone now since the day I took it and every time I have considered changing it I just can't bring myself to do it.

Song Of The Day:
Although the clouds in this picture brought no rain, they sure look "Stormy" which is our song for the day.  This was one of a few hits for the group named Classics IV.  Check them out on wikipedia and you'll realize you actually have heard their music before.


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