Thursday, September 19, 2013

What Is A Yiddeyl Tawr ?

Sometimes you need to stop whatever you are doing and just enjoy life.  You need to pull your head away from the tv or computer or video games or homework or chores or whatever else has your attention and just watch and listen.

I did that the other day, and was fortunate enough to take some video of what I enjoyed.  Below is a link to one video of my youngest daughter, Myra, doing her best to practice her piano (she has never had any lessons - obviously) and singing.  If you pay close enough attention, you will recognize the popular tune.  I know she is singing about a 'pider' and not 'dee yiddeyl tawr' but when you hear the one you can easily guess the other!

Myra singing Itsy Bitsy "Pider"  ... click the highlighted link ...

Song Of The Day:
Stevie Wonder's classic tune "Isn't She Lovely" is fitting for so many scenarios.  I haven't used it yet so here it is today.  Of course, I think Myra is amazingly lovely!


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