Monday, September 23, 2013

Was This The Last Round ?

Sometimes an 8:20am tee time can seem like a late start.  And other times (see: this morning) it can seem like whoever set that time was an idiot.  When the weather has been nice, with temperatures staying very comfortable throughout the night, you can go golfing as soon as the sun rises and it will be just wonderful.  The weather has NOT been balmy lately, and the further east you travel, the more wind you will be forced to enjoy.

That said, I am so glad Aaron convinced me it was still going to be a great day golfing ... because it really was!  But the chill in the air, the wind (how is it always) in our faces, and the soggy course (just wait for my next two posts!) all but convinced me that this will be my last round of golf for the season.  The golf clubs have not been hung up just yet, but it certainly can't be long now.

Song Of The Day:
I know that I have featured Boyz II Men several times in this portion of my posts ... but they are really good and their songs just fit so well!  The "End Of The Road" is likely here for this season of golfing, so consider this an ode to my golf clubs ... until next year my friends!  :)


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