Saturday, September 7, 2013

How Could The Time Change ?

At just before 7:30am this morning, I dropped off my oldest son at the church, which was to be the meeting place for people helping with a fellow scout's Eagle Project.  There was NO ONE there.  In fact, no one showed up until about 10 minutes before 8:00am.  I know this because my son texted me at that time to let me know people were finally there.

A little background:
Yesterday evening around 8:00pm, I received a call from the very scout whose Eagle Project this activity is for.  He reminded me of the project, confirmed that Josh Jr would be able to help, and informed me that we would be meeting at the church at 7:30am.

Fast forward back to the present time ... my son asked the scout why they were "late" to which the young man responded "Oh yeah, the time changed to 7:45am."

I'm calling BS!

You're telling me that after 8:00pm the night before something came up and the meeting time needed to be pushed back by 15 minutes?!

I.  Don't.  Think.  So.

The lesson to be learned here (and the message I provided to my boys, who will be doing their own Eagle Scout projects in the next few years), was this:
Be EARLY when you are in charge.

I explained to my sons that it is respectful of others when you are "early" for events that you are responsible for.  It is respectful any time to be early, but it should just be common practice to be plenty early when you are in charge.  I believe this scout and his father should have been there at least 20-30 minutes before others were scheduled to show up.  This is, after all, the HIGHEST achievement in Boy Scouts.  The least you can do is take it very seriously.

I can promise you that my sons WILL BE early for their Eagle Scout projects.  First ones there, last ones to leave.

Song Of The Day:
One of my favorite tunes from the 80's is by Howard Jones.  The song "No One Is To Blame" isn't really about people not taking responsibility, but it applies to the concept of this post.  Better to be early and BE PREPARED (the scout motto) when you are in charge than pretend that no one is to blame.


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