Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Are You Here ?

It is fun to show up at work on a day people are not expecting to see you, especially when it has been many months since you have worked on that day of the week ...

The reactions you get from people are always fun:
 - Is it Tuesday yet?
 - Why are you here?
 - Is my calendar off?
 - Uh oh.  Who's in trouble?
 - Wait ... do you have a meeting or something?
 - No seriously ... WHY are you here?!

For the past so-many-years-I-lost-track-of-them I have worked a Tuesday through Saturday schedule at Progressive.  I love the days and hours (I work four 9-hour days with one 4-hour day in the middle of them) and especially the two-day weekend (Sunday-Monday).  The added bonus is that everyone else works Mondays so I am free to run errands without nearly as much traffic as I would have on a Saturday.  I have gotten very used to working this schedule, and most people who work near me have gotten used to me NOT being at work on Mondays.  The above reactions were comments I actually heard at some point today.  Very fun indeed!

Song Of The Day:
Once again we were blessed with more rain today, albeit less than we've had in the past few weeks.  I'm still loving the rain and Madonna seems to enjoy it as well in her "Rain" song.


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