Friday, September 6, 2013

Did I Bite Off Too Much ?

Monday was Labor Day, which meant most Americans had the day off from work.  This is great for most people, but sometimes annoying for me ... because I always have Mondays off.  So I was off work today, Friday, as a "comp day" for the holiday and I think I scheduled way too much for myself today!

These plans below seemed reasonable when I made them, but at 7:30pm tonight, as I write this, I am convinced I am an idiot.  So much for this being a "vacation" day from "labor."  Quite the opposite in fact.

Drop off the U-Haul trailer.
Pick up the rototiller and trailer.
Rototill the front yard.
Return the tiller and trailer.
Level the dirt in the front yard.
Dig trenches for the front easement sprinkler system.
Purchase needed items for the front sprinklers.
Install the front sprinkler system.
Bury the lines for the front sprinklers.
Re-level the front easement dirt area.
Connect the front easement sprinkler line to the manifold.
Weed the edges of the front yard.

It's a bad sign when your
feet have dirt stains
under your socks!
Move landscaping items to the shed.
Sweep out the garage.
Sweep off the front driveway.
Sweep off the sidewalk in front of our house.

On the plus side:
I got all but the items listed in BLUE above done.
On the minus side:
I can't feel anything below my neck.
On the "didn't you learn anything from today" side:
Fertilized topsoil is being delivered on Monday morning
and then sod is being delivered Monday afternoon.

Song Of The Day:
The song "Promises, Promises" by Naked Eyes was on my MP3 player today and I felt it would be a fitting tune for the day.  When I set goals for myself (To Do Lists included) I am essentially making a promise to myself to get something done.  Like the lyrics in the song I never had a doubt, in the beginning when making the promises to myself.  And then later, when I cannot complete the list, I think why do I believe I could get this all done!


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