Friday, September 20, 2013

How Spoiled Are We ?

Today's post is deliberately short to help me avoid getting to wordy on my soapbox vent about how we have become spoiled brats in this great nation of ours.
I may regret saying too much about this years from now, so I will make a few basic points.

First, we have it SO good!  Food, clothing, and shelter are our "basic" needs.  Odds are you do not actually know anyone who is currently without these things.  You may know of people who are, but if you are being truly honest, everyone you know has at least a satisfactory level of these things.

Second, I'll ask you to think about the last stressful decision you had to make.  What did it center around?  Were lives at stake?  Was someone's physical being in danger?  Or, was it more likely similar to the cartoon example below.  We tell ourselves we have stress but we are so spoiled we don't really know what that kind of stress is like.

Lastly, I have one final question.  How much of your day is spent working to earn your living?  Don't be so quick to claim 8 or 10 hours.  Stop and recalculate.  How many required breaks did you take during that workday?  How many other breaks did you justify taking?  When you break down the amount of time, I bet you will realize your per work hour wage is quite impressive, or at the very least is what MOST of the world would consider wealthy.

So let's remember how blessed we are before we hang our heads in sorrow and wallow in self pity.  In fact, if you have the time and the means to read this blog post, you are doing very well indeed.
Now find someone to thank for being so blessed!

Song Of The Day:
When I received my first MP3 player several years ago, it came with the typical set of pre-loaded songs.  Oddly enough, several of those songs became favorites of mine after just a minute or two of hearing them.  One of those was Guy Fosyth's tune "Long Long Time" which is perfect for this post.  In the song, Guy laments our spoiled ways as Americans.  For that reason alone I enjoyed the song, but the melody and refrain are quite good by themselves.


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