Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Do Adults Just Sit Around And Talk All The Time ?

Jordan and Erin Case
(ain't they a cute couple?!)
I noticed this evening, when my brother Jordan and his wife Erin came over to "play games", that we never got around to playing a game.   Instead, we just sat and chatted on a variety of subjects.   I wasn't mad that we didn't play a game and I don't think anyone else was bothered either, but it made me wonder the title question of this blog post.

From the perspective of a child, getting together to "play" or "hang out" would not just involve sitting around and talking.  I can just see my children (who were in bed long before us "adults" finally called it a night) asking themselves what we adults were doing for hours on end.  I remember what it was like to be a kid and especially at family reunions I remember wondering how these "old people" could just sit around and talk for hours.

Only now do I appreciate the enjoyment that can come from good conversation with great company.  Sharing memories, experiences, thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects can be stimulating and very entertaining.  I believe this comes from the connection that is established when you find that your opinions or experiences are similar to others of the human race.  Despite different circumstances, we often share common core beliefs and it is rewarding for the soul when we support one another in those values.

So you kids who think talking for hours is just for old people, I've got news for you: one day, maybe when you're old, you will appreciate time spent with family and friends doing nothing more than talking and listening to one another.
We should all be so lucky!

Song Of The Day:
Once again, the rains came this evening, saturating my lawn and continuing to wreak havoc on already flooded areas.  When I saw a beautiful rainbow, it made me think of the song "Rainbow Connection" and this version is performed by Weezer feat. Hayley Williams.  I've always loved this song and seeing a rainbow reminds me of another reason I love rainstorms.


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