Thursday, September 26, 2013

Have You Seen This Show ?

Very rarely will I find myself in the App Store on my iPad just searching for new apps.  In fact, this has probably only happened 3 or 4 times in my iLifetime.  One of those times I apparently found an app called Crackle, which is really just another digital media app that shows movies, tv shows, and some lengthier videos ... and ONE really cool show that you've probably never seen before.

If you like Jerry Seinfeld, then you should download the app (it's free) IF ONLY for the access it provides you to his new show titled "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."  Each webisode lasts between 8 and 22 minutes with the same basic flow: Jerry introduces you to a unique "car"; he calls a comedian buddy to set up a coffee date; picks up the comedian; drives them in the car to get coffee (and always food, etc.); they talk, laugh, joke; and Jerry drives them home again.  Each webisode features a different comedian (from Brian Regan to David Letterman and Sarah Silverman to Chris Rock) and they all have different high and low points of humor.

I think what I like most is that the concept is so fresh and new.  It is a slice of reality television, but twisted in that you're watching celebrities in everyday conversation with one another.  The humor is so raw and conversational that I am just hooked ... waiting for new webisodes ... waiting ...

Song Of The Day:
There can be no better song for today than the unsung smash hit "A Proper Cup Of Coffee" by the (kid's group?) Trout Fishing In America.  I have been trying to find a way to feature them in this blog for over a year now, and finally I have the right combination of things: blog post topic, great song, and youtube video link of the aforementioned song that I don't have to create myself!  It's a sing-along song so join in!  :)


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