Thursday, September 12, 2013

So, What Now ?

Being a "Clear The To Do List" person is a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is that you get lots of things done.  People around you begin to recognize all that hard work and usually praise your efficiency.  There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing your productivity is so high.  Any fears that you might be considered a lazy person are ridiculous.  Give the task to yourself and everyone knows it will get done, and done right!

The curse is that it becomes nearly impossible to "just relax."  Because you perform best when there is a list of things to get done, when the tables are turned and there is theoretically nothing to do (because the current list is finished) then you are lost.  This also limits your ability to stop and smell the roses or in other words, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Stole this from Google Maps ... it's a good "Before" picture of the house
And here's an "After" picture from close to the same angle
(what you can't see are the concrete walkways and tree ring)
Having finally *finished the landscaping for our front yard (which has been a full six-month project comprised of more steps than I have time to recount), I find myself unable to just sit and enjoy the new yard.  I'm asking myself "What's next?" and the logical answer is to create a new "To Do List."
*The sprinkler manifold and drainage area next to it still need to be covered with landscape fabric and rocked.  This includes digging some sort of french drain for the downspout.

So instead of just taking a break to enjoy our new front yard, here's a short list of projects or things I need to work on now:
 - Fix the back of the couch in the movie room
 - Fix the garage door keypad
 - Rearrange items in the garage (hang bikes and other summer items)
 - Clean out and organize the game room area in the basement
 - Switch out Josh Jr's bed (he has the extra queen sized "guest" bed and wants a regular twin bed so he doesn't have to give up his room when friends come to visit)
 - Move Brooklyn out of the Bunkhouse to her own room upstairs (she will be the recipient of the aforementioned queen-sized bed)
 - Fix the wall and carpet from Ben's room
 - Tile the floor outside the basement shower
 - Re-paint the lower wall in the office
 - Dig out the backyard sprinkler heads
 - Begin building the retaining wall in the backyard
 - Strip the old paint and re-paint the posts on the gazebo

There are probably 100 or more other projects on my long-term To Do List, but these are ones I hope to finish before the cold of winter sets in.  Looking at the list, I am beginning to rethink the value of being a 'Clear the To Do List' person.  :)

Song Of The Day:
Once again we were blessed with rain today so I have selected another rain-themed song.  It's time to get your country music on with "Rain Is A Good Thing" by Luke Bryan.  In relation to this post, rain is a good thing to force me to relax, since it limits my ability to do many of the items on my next To Do list.


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