Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How Are YOU Going To Complain ?

While driving to work this morning, the traffic on Powers Blvd was backed up from Research Pkwy all the way back to the Woodmen Rd overpass.  There is a third lane for about 1/3 of a mile just past the overpass, but that is supposed to be for merging traffic coming from Woodmen Rd.

As typically happens, some drivers began to move into that third lane, presumably because wherever they are headed is more important than the rest of us who are patiently waiting in traffic.  When this happens once or twice during a long wait, I am fine to just sit there, but when I see dozens of cars "jumping the line" I feel compelled to do something.  My typical "move" is to pull out into that lane, without actually leaving my current place in line.  I will sit 2/3 of my car in that extra lane, and 1/3 of my car just waiting in line.  Almost always, the person immediately behind me will recognize what I am doing and allow me back into my lane as soon as the extra lane fully disappears.

This morning, some insensitive I-really-AM-more-important-than-you guy (in a sporty BMW) decided that he deserved to get around me, even if there wasn't any room.  He did not even slow down as he came racing up behind me, and I am sure he didn't expect me to pull further out into that extra lane.  In fact, I know he didn't because he honked his horn loudly as he swerved to fly past me.  Perhaps he is unaware that his other option was to apply his brakes and get in line like the rest of us.

But it got me to thinking the title of this blog post.  Who is he going to complain to about the "jerk driver" (a.k.a. Me) who "cut him off" this morning?  How is that story going to go over well?  What people is he going to find that will empathize with him for the rough start to his day?

Song Of The Day:
If you can find it, the song "It's Better Than That" by Trout Fishing In America would be perfect for this post.  Not because adults should be jerks, but because adults who act appropriately get to enjoy being grown up, and it is kinda fun.
If not, might be a good chance to use "International Harvester" country song (because the video is pretty good).


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