Friday, September 30, 2011

Remember your 2011 New Year's Goals ?

At the very start of this year I blogged about my goals for 2011.  At the time I knew I wouldn't achieve them all, but I wanted to set some realistic but challenging goals for myself.

At the end of the first four months of the year I blogged about my progress on those goals.  I was moderately pleased overall with my progress.

It is now virtually October and I think it's high time for a check-in on those goals.  Plus it's an easy blog to complete in an attempt to get enough posts done today to "catch up" for the month of September!  :)

Goal #1 -- Blog more.
The summer was rough for consistently posting blogs and there were multiple times when I did what I like to call a "Blog Blowout!"  With that said, I'm only about 10 days "behind" for the year, so I'm crushing this goal!
Score = Getting it DONE !!!

Goal #2 -- Control my basketball temper.
Okay ... I know that I had ONE incident where I lost control of myself, but weighed against the MANY times I just shut my mouth or walked away from the situation, I'm feeling okay about this one.
Score = Feels Better ... for now

Goal #3 -- Spend more "quality time"
with my wife and children.
I'd better check with the "experts" on this, but of my own estimation of what this goal meant to me I still feel like I'm doing very well.  Lots of activities with individual kids and/or by myself with Karen.  Of course there could always be more, but I'm mostly satisfied with where I'm at.
Score = Lookin' good!

Goal #4 -- Run at least three 5K races.
5K #1 was completed with my little sister Jaimee last month!  The next two are in October and November, but I haven't registered for the Oct one so I'd better get on that!  I haven't "run" much at all, but I've modified this goal as more of a support for my sister (and eventually my wife - when she's ready to run).
Score = Glad I didn't say run "fast" in three 5K races!

Goal #5 -- Say a sincere "Thank You"
to a different person each day.
I tried to track this in July and it's just so hard to track while also keeping the thank you sincere.  I've got to figure out a way to tie this into my should-be-daily blogs.  Hopefully I have a plan in place for that heading into next year.
Score = I'm sure thankful, but I'm still not saying it enough.

Goal #6 -- Live worthy of the Priesthood I hold EVERY day.
Many different life experiences in the past few months have helped strengthen my resolve to achieve this goal EVERY DAY through the remainder of this year.  Since April, I've been mediocre to poor (on my interpretation of what I'm striving for) on this one.  Brooklyn's baptism was a potential "game changer" though!  :)
Score = Daily goals require DAILY effort ... you can do it!

Goal #7 -- Add body mass (preferably muscle)
and reach my target weight of 180 pounds.
I met this goal around the middle of the year.  I also met the goal around my middle and went past the balanced place I wanted to land on.  BUT ... I did meet the goal, so here's a shout out to getting older and slowed metabolism!  :)
Score = The pendulum swung a little too far, but I made it!

Goal #8 -- Read at least 3 books
that I have never read before.
I met this goal before the end of April ... and haven't really read much of anything since then.  But I don't really care ... 3 books is plenty ... I'll do more next year!
Score = Still a Success !!!

Goal #9 -- Complete at least ONE "project"
with each of my six children.
Josh Jr ... LOTS of scouting stuff
Ben ... also, lots of scouting stuff
Brooklyn ... that's it!  It's time to buy paint and do her room!
Savannah ... she and I have colored several pictures together and at 6 years old I think that's good enough!  :)
Catalina ... oy!  She did help me make pancakes once ... and we hung up pictures in her room ... and I read her some books ... maybe that's enough?
Myra ... if "getting her to go to sleep" is a "project" then, done and DONE !!!
Score = 5 Down, 1 "big one" To Go

Goal #10 -- Attend the Denver LDS Temple
at least once per month.
The picture below says it all ... can I go 3 for 3 in the remainder of the year?

Score = Hoping for a repentant final stretch

Overall, I'm very pleased.  I know I haven't gotten everything done, but I also know I have done more than I ever would have if these goals hadn't been written and reported out on.  I think I'll keep this as a regular part of my blogs next year, but maybe do a one-month check-in so I can keep up on some of the time-sensitive goals better.

How are YOUR goals progressing ?!


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  1. Umm, my goals are all an EPIC FAIL! But isn't it a still considered a success if you successfully fail?!