Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's your Timeline ?

I've been thinking alot about "time" lately and how we either are controlled by it or control it ourselves.

Some folks live minute-to-minute, perhaps with only the goal to survive.

Some folks live on an hourly basis, going from appointment to meeting in an 8:00am - 5:00pm sort of world.

Some folks live day-to-day, with a slightly broader perspective of time, but still focused on what "tomorrow" might bring.

Yet others live weekly or monthly or even quarterly (people that work in the financial arena probably focus on things one quarter at a time ... although maybe not a calendar quarter but with more of a 25-cents-at-a-time mentality).

I've decided that my life is a week-to-week world right now, and there are many reasons for this:
First, in my line of work the "week" is very well defined.  I have weekly metric results for my team.  There are activities I complete once per week.  And my work week is five-days straight (from Tuesday to Saturday).
Second, my family has almost everything based on a weekly schedule (although my wife would probably say it is more day-to-day for her).  Scouts is on Wednesdays.  Cheerleading and Choir are 1-2 times per week.  School celebrations are "weekly" events (like this being Spirit Week).
Third, on the spiritual side of things, each week begins with attendance at church and the start of another opportunity to live righteously.  It is easy to "start over" on things, like scripture study or family prayers, on a Sunday evening and think about only having to carry that through for a week (and worry about doing it longer after the following Sunday).

So what's your timeline?  Are you living day-to-day?  Or are you in such a great place that you can live year-to-year or beyond?  That is a worthy goal, but one I'll have to consider striving for ... maybe next week.  :)


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  1. My timeline is, to quote a favorite Doobie Brothers song, "Minute By Minute"!