Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's your silly "wish list" item ?

Everyone has a secret "wish list" of things they desire.  The reasons for not having that "thing" are varied: not enough money, not enough time to use it, no place to keep it, etc.
My silly wish list item is ... a golf cart!

Don't they just look so happy ?!  :)

It fits all the criteria I listed above.  It is a terrible idea.  I couldn't afford to purchase, use, or perform routine maintainance on a golf cart.  But I soooooo want one!  I just think it would be super cool to drive one around ... anywhere, anytime.  Of course it would be the best to bring MY OWN GOLF CART to the local golf courses.  I hate paying so much extra to drive one on the course.

I don't need to go fast.  I don't need to drive long distances.  I don't need air conditioning (kinda already has that!) or a rockin' sound system (just listen to the music of cars passing you by).  I don't really need much room for other passengers (who would want to ride with me anyway?!).  I don't need much storage space for groceries, home improvement items, etc.

I could drive it in the "bike lane" so I wouldn't be impeding traffic.  I would only be travelling within 1-2 miles of my house, but think how cool it would be to pick up my kids at school in one of those!  Love it or hate it, you know you would be jealous when I get back to the house a full 70 seconds ahead of you!  :)

One day, if I can ever really justify the cost and if I have a place to "park" it, I will own a golf cart.  You may see me puttering around town in it.  I'd love to see the face of the McDonald's drive-thru team as I order my food and pull around in my tricked out golf cart!  Suh-weet !!!  :)



  1. Well, you do have a birthday coming maybe this would be an ideal gift...hmmm...something to think about...

  2. Ha!

    I don't know what mine would be... I'll have to think of something and blog about it.