Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remember The Cosby Show ?

Another cool thing about Instant Netflix through the Wii is that there are many old TV series' that are available.  One of my all time favorites (and even moreso now that I can appreciate the humor from the "parents" side of things) is The Cosby Show.

We made the kids watch a few episodes this past Sunday afternoon and I thought we got mixed reviews.  The kids didn't LOL very much (like they do with more recent shows).

I was mistaken.

They LOVE the show!

I found this out yesterday evening when I gave the kids the choice to "go play" or "maybe watch some Cosby show on Netflix."  They all shouted: Cosby Show!  :)

I like that the topics of the shows are still very relevant.  One episode was about Clair (the mom) feeling overwhelmed by being a mom and full-time lawyer all at the same time.  Another episode was about Theo (the teenage "middle child") learning lessons about getting good grades in school and doing your best instead of just the minimum.  The last episode we watched had me in stitches!  It was about all the terrible Father's Day gifts Cliff (Bill Cosby's character) has received over the years from his thoughtless children.  The most funny part was Rudy (the "baby" girl) getting him tennis balls.  She was adorable!  :)

There are over 200 episodes of this show, so I am certain we'll be watching them all as a family in the coming months and year(s).  I know there are episodes that teach important lessons.  Hopefully they lead to conversations where I can further connect with my kids about "life" in general.


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  1. That's great that you can get The Cosby Show on Netflix! Definitely one of the best TV shows ever!