Friday, September 9, 2011

When did THIS start happening ?!

A few weeks ago I was using a tiny mirror at my desk to clean some goop out of my eye (if you think that's gross you better quit reading!) ... and I noticed something that I thought could NOT be what it appeared to beBut it was!

Here is what I saw:

Right there at the top of the picture ...

I swear I'm not old enough for this!  I have been slowly collecting gray hairs in my hairline above my ears and my dark, dark beard is continually turning more salt than pepper.  But I think those "changes" look good!  Bring on the whitish-gray "old guy" hair color.

This rogue eyebrow junk, however, is for the birds!  They can take their ear hair homeboys (none yet, but worried more than ever now) and extra-long nose hair friends (sad to say I've plucked more than a few of these) to any party that is nowhere near my person!

Wrinkles are welcome.  My receding hairline will just make it easier to shave my head.  Heck, I'll even wear glasses again (for reading and stuff) ... but I don't want to become this guy ...

Nobody wants to become ...

1 comment:

  1. Rogue eyebrow hairs!! I've had a few already, so I totally sympathize with you!! Why does this happen to us?!