Friday, September 30, 2011

Wait, you say WHAT ?!

I love Catalina, my 4 year old daughter!  She always has a neverending list of blog-worthy and completely random outbursts.

The following pictures include captions that explain what she was trying to convey to me in the drive back to our house after Missy Campanella's baptism (which was awesome BTW!)  We were all laughing so hard in the car because she just kept saying "KAPLOOEY !!!"

Here is Cat's explanation of
what she is doing in this picture:
so dere is yots of peepol an dey din'nt yisten
so dey coonent get owt uh duh haoyus.

And the next part (according to Cat):
dis is da pawt wheya da famiyee is pusheen
deya thinkin' to the neck one in da yine
And the grand finale, the big wrap up, the final scene:
an' so now dey is pusheen it and da fing goes
BLOOM ayall ova da grayaas and it got dowty
ayan den dey awall saye KABLOOO-EEEY !

The best is, after all this explanation, I asked her "Why are you doing that?!"  Her reply was priceless and here it is as best as I can spell it the way she says it (in her improper speech):
Dats what I sayee when I soooo essighted ...


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