Thursday, September 15, 2011

How do I always run out ?!

On occasion, I will "treat" myself and pick up some cream cheese and bagels to eat throughout the week.  I'm generally a plain bagel fan, but only because I like the Honey Nut cream cheese spread and it just doesn't taste as good on other kinds of store-bought bagels.

My favorite bagel is the Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera Bread, topped with their whipped Honey Walnut cream cheese ... but those are way more expensive than I can realistically treat myself too.  And they don't really keep for a whole week in my desk drawer.

The point of this blog though is this ... I always seem to run out of cream cheese before I run out of bagels!

I buy the 8oz tub of cream cheese and one 6-pack of plain bagels.  And apparently that is NOT the right ratio.

So then why do they sell the bagels in 6-packs and the cream cheese in 8oz tubs?!

The 16oz tub is way too big for 6 bagels, and I've no desire to eat 12 bagels and get a 16oz tub + an 8oz tub (which would make things come out just about even).

It's like the scene in Father of the Bride where Steve Martin's character goes NUTS in the grocery store about packages of 8 hot dogs matched up with packages of 12 hot dog buns.  What the heck?!  Stop commisserating to make us go crazy you food processing people!



  1. It's a secret plot to make you buy more cream cheese.

    I love bagels and cream cheese... now I am totally craving one!

  2. Loved the reference to "Father of the Bride" - that scene is hilarious!!