Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why does she Spoil me so ?

Yesterday I wasn't having what you would call "the best day."  It wasn't really BAD for any particular reason ... it was ... just ... not ... good.

I got a text from my beautiful wife Karen asking how my day was (this is a semi-regular occurrence).  I said it was a "blah" kind of day ... and so she offered to bring me lunch at work (which is WAY out of her way) ... her treat!

The J.J. Gargantuan ... mmm!
I dunno ... to some of you that might not seem like "much" but it meant the WORLD to me yesterday!  Add to it the fact that she asked what I wanted (I chose Jimmy Johns) and then had bacon added to my sandwich as an added little bonus!  I was dumbfounded and extremely grateful.

We shared our lunch (eating in the car because Myra was asleep) in the parking lot and just chatted about nothing in particular.  It totally lifted my spirits for the rest of the day and was a great reminder why I was so desperate to marry her in the first place ... she ... just ... makes ... me ... smile!  I love being around her and/or spending time with her!

Thank you Pretty Lady for spoiling me so much,
especially when I don't deserve it!


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  1. Karen is truly an amazing woman!! We're all lucky to have her as part of this family!!