Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did we get it ALL ?

I am making a small assumption that most married couples share the same tube of toothpaste.  Please inform me if you do not (because perhaps we've been doing it "wrong" all these years!)  :)

For the last week or so, Karen and I have been squeezing the literal last tiny fragments of toothpaste out of our current tube.  We've never really done this before (usually we just toss it and grab another tube from under her sink) and I can't speak for Karen, but for me it became somewhat of a challenge: who was going to have to get the new tube to get some toothpaste?!  Not me !!!  :)

I can't really say why we didn't just swap it out.  It's not like toothpaste is expensive or that we didn't have another brand new, fully filled tube ready and waiting in the wings.  We just ... didn't ... change it out.

I wonder if other married couples out there play similar "silly" games with one another.  Do you leave just a tiny bit of milk in the carton so you don't have to get more?  Do you use a different bathroom so you don't have to replace the toilet paper roll?  Do you stretch the trash bag in the kitchen to it's maximum threshold so you don't have to take it outside?  Do you pile dishes in the sink creatively so you don't have to load the dishwasher?  Do you volunteer for the "wet" diapers so you can avoid the "poopy" ones?


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