Monday, September 5, 2011

My Life According to OMD ?

This is still my overall favorite
of OMD's many albums!
Okay, so I must give credit where credit is due.  My cousin Matt posted this originally (and he got it from Facebook).  My brother Jeremy beat me to the punch and used it as well here.

It was about time I took up the challenge so herewith is my life according to OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark).
(Feel free to copy / paste to your Facebook page
or Blog with your own group and answers ...
using ONLY song titles from their music!)

Pick Your Artist:

Are You Male Or Female?:
King Of Stone

Describe Yourself:
Talking Loud And Clear

How Do You Feel?:
So In Love

Describe Where You Currently Live:
Big Town

If You Could Go Anywhere,
Where Would You Go?:
The Beginning And The End

Your Favorite Form Of Transportation:
Sailing On The Seven Seas

Your Best Friend:

Your Favorite Color Is:

What’s The Weather Like?:
66 And Fading

Favorite Time Of Day:
Sunday Morning

If Your Life Was A TV Show,
What Would It Be Called?:
Was It Something I Said

What Is Life For You?:
Victory Waltz

Your Relationships:
Best Years Of Our Lives

Looking For:
Pandora's Box


Wouldn’t Mind:

Your Fear:
Hard Day ... or ... She's Leaving

What Is The Best Advice You Have To Give?:
Heaven Is

If You Could Change Your Name,
What Would You Change It To?:

Thought For The Day:
That Was Then

How I Would Like To Die:
Then You Turn Away

My Soul’s Present Condition:
(Forever) Live And Die

My Motto:
Walk Tall
(Any song above that is BOLDED IN BLUE is one I actually have heard and love and would recommend for anyone to listen to!  The others just fit the assignment).


  1. Awesome list! I was surprised that you didn't include 2 of their biggest hit songs: "If You Leave" and "Dreaming", but the songs you selected fit perfectly! Great job!

  2. Awesome! I love "Was It Something I Said?" for your TV show.