Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Do I Even PLAY ?!

Yes, this is another post about basketball.

No, it never gets old for me.

You have to be willing to tolerate all kinds of "ailments" if you want to play basketball like I play basketball.  From my earliest memories of the game, it has always been anything but a "non-contact" sport.  There's bumping, pushing, slapping, kicking, backing into, driving through, grabbing, and so on.  If you've never "hit the floor" while playing basketball then you're not giving it your all !!!

This was takenThursday evening
about 2 hours after I got "hit"
 Herewith are the list of current (just the past 2 weeks) ailments I have from playing basketball:
 - A monstrous black eye
 - A sore right index finger
 - Three canker sores from cuts in my mouth
 - Athlete's foot feet
 - Hypersensitive bruise on my left knee
 - And general stiffness in my shoulders, lower back, and for some unknown reason my right forearm.

This was taken 3 days later
(I looked like I was wearing makeup!)

I can recall a few years ago talking to my oldest son about the sport of basketball.  He had been playing with some kids at school on the playground, but decided he didn't like it much because "they keep pushing me and sometimes hitting me when I'm trying to shoot."  I tried to explain to him that if he liked this sport and wanted to be good at it, he would have to get used to the physical aspects of it.  Sadly, he is built like me (super-thin) which lends itself to quite a bit of time "on the floor" and limited ability to "move" others like they move you.  He does have much more height than I had at his age so there's still hope if he decides to follow his old man's passion.  But I understand if he declines because it is a wonder why anyone would subject themselves to such physical torment.

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  1. Ouch!! That's a nasty looking green/purple/black eye you've got there!!