Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who's Got the Solo ?

Today in church ... I will be singing ... a SOLO ... as part of our musical number.

I.  Am.  NERVOUS !!!

I love singing, but I do NOT believe I have a very good, strong voice.  I can "carry a tune" but I definitely think I sound better harmonizing with others and/or singing in "the background."

This whole thing came about because I had taught a lesson to my 11-year old Sunday School class about "The Parable of the Talents."  If you are unfamiliar with this Biblical story, here is my brief summary:
     Jesus taught about a Lord who had three servants.  He gave each of them "Talents" to use.  They received 5, 2, and 1 "talent" respectively.  After a period of time they were to return to their Lord and reconcile what they had done with these "talents."  The servant with 5 returned with 5 more ... and was blessed.  The servant with 2 returned with 2 more ... and was blessed.  But the servant with 1 "talent" had hid it in the earth and returned with just that one ... and he was considered an unwise servant.

Now I know that "talents" can refer to many different things, but one of those certainly can be the "gifts" we've been blessed with by our Father in Heaven.  I know that one of my "gifts" is an ear for and a love of music.  To avoid being an "unwise" servant, I MUST work to build on that "talent" rather than hiding it.  Which is why, several months ago, I agreed to sing this solo ... despite my absolute terror about singing by myself in front of a whole crowd of people.

So wish me well on expanding my comfort zone today as I sing ... (all alone!) ... in front of 100 - 200 people this afternoon.  And if you hear my "exercising my talent to sing" please try to be as supportive as you can and KNOW that I am very self conscious about my ability to sing.  But I am TRYING!  :)


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  1. Awesome!

    The choir director in our ward wants to set up a quartet to sing sometimes. I know I am the strongest tenor (scary thought) but I have avoided this whole thing like the plague! This is a good lesson... thanks!

    How did it go?