Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's wrong with being a "fair-weather" fan ?

Way to "jump on the bandwagon."

You're just a "fair weather fan."

I say ...

I enjoy watching athletes (gender does not matter) compete, especially at the "top level" of their discipline (I would say "sport" but that starts a whole battle I prefer not to get into).  There is something gratifying about seeing someone actually achieve the success they have spent hours practicing for.  In no other area of life are we able witness THAT moment.

I am a fan of several teams.  I've been a BYU Cougar fan since Vai Sikahema was running back punt returns for touchdowns and before Shawn Bradley or "The Jimmer" lit up the college basketball scene.  I swore I'd never be a Denver Broncos fan, but when they changed their uniforms and helmet logo I converted.  At various times I have been a Chicago Bulls fan, a Utah Jazz fan (not at the same time of course), and a Denver Nuggets fan.  I love my Colorado Rockies (especially because I've seen most of those players at AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox games!)

But my favorite team has always been ... the underdog!

I love upsets, but I get upset when "my" team gets upset.  I mean I really get upset.  Or at least I used to.  I would invest 2-4 hours of my time to watch a game, only to hate myself later for wasting all that time (if my team lost).  After years of this experience I gained wisdom (you can call it something else if you prefer) and I no longer root for "my" team.  Instead, I root for exciting plays and exceptional competition.

I have found that watching college football is a much more enjoyable experience now.  I can get just as excited when the "underdog" dominates a POWERHOUSE team, as the excitement I feel when the higher ranked team makes a spectacular comeback to save their perfect record.  This works for other sports too.  At the Winter or Summer Olympics, it doesn't matter deeply to me if the USA team comes in second, as long as everyone is trying their hardest and pushing the competition level to newer heights.

So call me a "fair weather" fan, but know this ... at least some of the time, you and I will be rooting for the same team.  You can either enjoy that excitement with me or not.  But I will sleep good that night no matter which team wins!


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