Friday, September 30, 2011

A completely "non-smoker" Bowling Team ?

I'm writing this blog for two reasons.
First, these shirts that my current peer group are wearing each Tuesday to support our "Aux Bowling" contest are too cool/funny/weird/outrageous NOT to share with the world.
Second, I realized the other day that this is the very first DRG (Direct Reporting Group) I have been in at work where NONE of the members are smokers.

L-R ... Me (Big Daddy), Bill (BeerFrame Bill),
Ellen (Striker), Mark M (King Pin), Bryan (Mr Lucky),
Mark F (Markless), and Alicia (Alley Cat)

On the first point, my boss ordered these shirts for us and we all agreed on the pink "accent" color because it really pops!  Last week we all wore them to take pictures and walking around the site at work it was kinda cool to have people ask "what's up with those shirts?"

On the second point, I'm not saying that smokers are bad or anything of the sort.  I've blogged before about how it is their choice to smoke and I respect it (even if I don't like it at all).  I just think it is interesting that in over 5 years of being a Supervisor, I've never had a DRG where all of the members didn't smoke.  I am not making any other point than that ... it's just interesting ... that's all.

So combine the two thoughts and you have the title of today's blog post.  I am not trying to be stereotypical of bowling teams, but generally those leagues involve smoking and drinking, etc.  So I thought it was also interesting that our naturally non-smoker DRG has "bowling league" shirts.


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  1. Awesome!! Love those shirts!! By the way, how was your game?! What was your score/scores? I bet you totally rocked it!