Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wait. What am I supposed to do ?

L-R ... Josh Jr and Ben (front) ... Brooklyn and Cat (back)
I haven't really blogged much about my second son, Ben, but the other day while driving him to school for choir practice, we had an experience that gave me a perfect opportunity to write about his keen sense of humor.

As we (Ben and I) were headed to my car, my wife Karen shouts out to him ... "Don't forget to pick up Savannah."
You see, on Wednesdays, my oldest daughter Brooklyn has cheerleading practice, so Ben has to pick up Savannah instead of just meeting Brooklyn at her classroom.

Anyway, we drive down the road a little ways in silence and as we get around the corner, Ben says to me "Wait.  What am I supposed to do?"  For a brief moment I feel many different emotions.  Frustration that he wasn't paying attention.  Disappointment that he doesn't remember.  Concern that he is going to "forget again" by the time school is out.  And on and on.

Ben hard at work at
Cub Scout Day Camp
And then I glance over at Ben and see the grin sneaking across his face.  He is totally kidding me!  He begins to laugh and then I begin to laugh.  He says "I got you with that didn't I ?!  You thought I actually forgot or wasn't listening huh ?!  Ha ha!"

I love that boy, even if he is sometimes a little too sarcastic.  He is still learning the specific times when joking is not a good idea, but I love that he has found an outlet in making people laugh.  It has served me well all these years and I hope it will do the same for him.  :)


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  1. Ben cracks me up! He is going to be super-sarcastic when he gets older and he'll be so good at it that people will love him for it, rather than resent him for it!