Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Two Items would YOU choose ?

This past Thursday at work I attended a meeting with my soon-to-be boss' boss' boss (the Manager of our newly formed Onboarding Group).  As usual at these kinds of meetings, he wanted us to introduce and say a little bit about ourselves ... but his creative twist on this was to have everyone bring two items that will "help describe who we are and what is important to us."

I have to admit I struggled with this, even though I knew it was more of an ice-breaker activity and not something that was SUPER IMPORTANT (in the grand scheme of things anyway).

At length, I decided on the following:
 - My Progressive shirt of the day (since I always wear Progressive attire that was an easy one to say that representing Progressive is who I am and what is important to me).
 - The following two pictured items (they really do go together!):

This is a birthday (or Father's Day) card that
Ben (6 or 7 at the time) made for me.
I LOVE how he spelled "special."

And the above pictures are the "re-created" version
of that same card by my team at work.
(From the same year, for Boss' Day)

I just didn't have any idea what to choose as the ONE best item to represent the importance of my family and how THEY are who I am.  But I was happy with what I landed on because it went over well (everyone chuckled) and gave me a chance to speak about my TWO "families" - the eternal one (Karen and the kids) and the work one.


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