Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is your Money worth ?

I might be a hypocrite.  I might be a cheapskate.  I might be an overspender.  I might be subject to the whims of any given situation.  I might be confused about the value of a dollar.

But I AM aware that there is a direct proportional relationship between my concern about the "cost" of something and the total dollar amount being spent.  And it is an ILLOGICAL relationship.
Consider the following and let me know if you are like me (and if so, let me know how we can get out of this odd pattern of behavior!):

 - I will order fast food off the dollar menu
so I can eat for $3 instead of $5
 - I will gladly pay $15 to play 9 holes of golf,
instead of just $9 to play the Par 3 course.

 - I will drink water with my meal at a "sit down"
restaurant, to avoid paying the 200% markup
on a cup of soda (saving myself maybe $2-$3)
 - I will stop by Sonic during Happy Hour and
pay that same 200% markup for a Green Apple
Slush (when I could make my own at home for
pennies on the dollar)

 - I will cancel cable tv, DirecTV, or any other
satellite-type of broadcasting in order to save
roughly $100 a month
 - I thought nothing of the $150 a month we
pay for PMI (Principal Mortgage Insurance)
on our still new to us home.

There are literally hundreds of other examples, but these few illustrate my concern that I am not consistent AT ALL when it comes to the value of my dollarsHow can I be such a penny pincher when it comes to certain things (food, entertainment, clothes, etc.) and then turn around and throw money away on other stuff (food, entertainment, etc.) ?!

I understand the concept of supply and demand.  I know that "wanting" something makes us more willing to pay for it "on the spur of the moment."  But even outside of those situations, I don't get nit-picky nearly enough to call myself a savvy consumer.  Worse yet, I'll buy things "on sale" only to forget I have them and let them go to waste (I've tossed more than a half-dozen pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream).

Anyone have any suggestions for how to change this?  Is there a way to at least be more consistent?  A dollar should be worth a dollar no matter where I'm spending it.  I don't want the total amount being spent to lessen the value of each individual dollar.


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