Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Even Get A Truck?

About a week ago, while on my commute home from work, I noticed an odd looking vehicle up ahead.   I sped up a little to get a closer look and upon further review I realized it was a truck ... well ... sort of a truck.   You see, it had an extended cab (4 doors) and a short bed (the back of the truck).   This was odd enough (my explanation of this is below) but it was compounded by the fact that the bed was also a step-side or "skinny" bed.  This means the bed was only as wide as the inside of the wheel wells.  Combined with the extended cab and the short bed, I found myself wondering the title to this blog post.

This is NOT the truck I saw, but it looks similar ...
except that the bed here is NOT a true short bed.
I really want to own a truck some day.  Not a fancy one mind you.  My description of the perfect truck is "one you could throw rocks at."  I think I wrote a blog on that a while back.  Anyway, my reason for having a truck would be to do truck-like things: tow boats or trailers, load and haul building materials, help people move large items of furniture, etc.  The very concept of a truck suggests these kinds of a activities.  These are activities you cannot really do with a short bed or a skinny bed.  And then why do you want or need extra seating in your truck?  How many people do you need with you to carry the 4 bags of groceries you can fit in that short bed?

This "truck" had such a small bed that I doubt you could even fit a washing machine or small rocking chair in it.  So why on earth would you want a "truck" instead of just a suburban or bigger van?

Song Of The Day:
There is (of course) a country song that is perfectly suited for this post.  It is titled "That Ain't My Truck" and is sung by Rhett Atkins.  It is a lost love song, but that title describes how I felt when I saw this one.  My truck, when I ever get one, will NOT have an extended cab and a short bed, if anything those two will be reversed!


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