Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Is The Appropriate Response?

I cannot be the only person to have experienced this in my life.  At least I hope not.
I am seriously asking this question, even if, as you read on, you may perceive my tone as sarcastic or silly.  I really want to know because it is awkward and I always feel stupid after it happens.

Picture yourself in a public restroom.  There you are "taking care of business" when all of a sudden you hear a knock on the bathroom door, followed by a voice saying something like "Is anyone in there?" or worse, just a simple "Hello?"  Presumably this is someone from the janitorial staff and they have chosen this moment to clean the restroom you happen to be using right now.

So what do you say?

I'm here.


Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy ...

El baño es ... occupado?

I honestly never know, so my response is usually a combination of grunts or jumbled words that I am hoping the custodian recognizes as not normal sounds from a bathroom faucet, toilet, urinal, sink, or paper towel dispenser.  But the worst part is having to walk out after this awkward conversation.  Often the cleaner is just standing there waiting, and
what are you supposed to say then?

Thanks for letting me finish.

Um, that soapy mess by the right sink was there when I came in.

Sup (followed by an upward head nod)

Clean up on stall 3.

Song Of The Day:
As I wrote this post, my twisted sense of humor came up with the tune
"More Than Words" by Extreme for today's song.
I think perhaps the best answer to the title question of this blog may actually involve using more than words to respond to the custodian's question.


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  1. I usually give the person the all clear or a head count of those still hastening to finish up.