Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can Anything Become Boring ?

It seems to me that no matter what work or play or activity a person is involved in, the saying "moderation in all things" should apply ... if only from the standpoint that ANYTHING can become boring if you do it too much.

I love each of the following activities, but they all fit the category of "boring" if I do them too often or for too long in a row:
 - Listening to music
 - Playing a board game (or a sport - even basketball or golf)
 - Answering or auditing phone calls
 - Writing a blog
 - Eating ice cream

It is true when they say "too much of a good thing" can keep you from appreciating it fully.  This is why I worry about retirement.  At that point I will, theoretically, have lots of time on my hands.  But how will I keep enough variety in my routine to keep from becoming bored?  I think this must happen to everyone around retirement time.  I just like to plan ahead if I can.

Song Of The Day:
The video for the song "Everyday" by Dave Matthews Band is a great visual for monotony of repeated activities.  The tune has a very monotonous feel to it as well.  I also like "Everyday" by Phil Collins because it shows how heartache can become boring too.


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