Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The SPL Was The MC For A COH ?

First, some definitions:
 - SPL = Senior Patrol Leader ... this is a position held by the youth leader in a Boy Scout Patrol.
 - MC = Master of Ceremonies ... this is the person who leads an activity or event.
 - COH = Court Of Honor ... this is a regular meeting held in Scouting, where boys receive merit badges and/or advancements in rank.

Josh Jr (SPL) handing his brother Ben his merit badge
for Citizenship in the Nation
So now on to my bragging about my oldest son.  I have rarely done this in my blog, but I am very proud of my son and want him to know it (outside of my telling him this multiple times).

Using just a hand-written outline of an agenda, he kept things moving by efficiently covering all items and actually finishing on time (one hour).  He coordinated the flag ceremony (albeit just moments before the meeting began) and properly introduced others when turning time over to them for various segments of the agenda.  He was very respectful in the way he handed out merit badges to his fellow scouts (this was just asked of him on the spot, but it seemed like he had already prepared for it).

L-R ... Bro VanDenBerghe (Scoutmaster)
Josh Case Jr (Senior Patrol Leader)
Karen Case (Mom)
Josh Jr, I know you have said how nervous you felt, but you did great!  I mean it when I say you are the only one who could tell you were nervous.  I have seen many young men struggle with speaking and leading in public, but none impressed me as much as you did this night.  Well done!

Song Of The Day:
The song "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real is about a man's relationship with his children, his wife, and his God.  I have chosen it because my son is leading others (including myself) when he acts appropriately and fulfills his assignments with such aplomb.  Thank you son!


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