Sunday, August 4, 2013

Didn't We Almost Buy That House?

Another reflective post for that most reflective of all days.  I often find myself driving past homes here in Colorado Springs that my wife and I visited at some point when we were looking to buy a home.  We have owned three homes in this area, including our current Case Place, but we have looked at and even seriously considered buying dozens of other houses.

When I drive past these houses it always makes me think: how would life have been different if we had bought that home instead of the one we ended up in (at that time)?

I am happy to say that life has turned out great based on the homes we did eventually purchase, live in, and then sell to another new home owner for them to gain some life experience in the house.  But who's to say that it wouldn't have been equally good if we had ended up in these other homes?

I do believe that the Lord looks out for his children and I am certain we had experiences that we needed to have as a result of choosing the right home(s) to purchase at the times we did buy them.  In fact some of our best friendships and unique family blessings have come as a direct result of the home(s) we purchased and lived in.

Song Of The Day:
The song "Home" by the Dixie Chicks is actually a sad, lost love kind of song.  But in this case I am using it to highlight the opposite emotion: gratitude and appreciation for having a great home!


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