Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Things ?

Yesterday evening was Back To School night at the elementary school my middle children attend.  My wife and I were able to visit all of the teachers of our kids together (in previous years we had to split time because we had too many students at the school).  This was very nice, if not a little overwhelming for some of the teachers, who are used to just seeing one of the parents per child.  Two of the teachers had previously taught another one of our kids, so it was fun to update them on the older children's progress in their new school or grade.

My favorite experience was looking at the art outside my second daughter Savannah's classroom.  The children decorated an outline of a body with a variety of things that describe them: favorite word, favorite food, and my favorite - Two Things I Am Good At.

Invariably there were things like singing or playing an instrument, and other activities like sports or video games (one boy filled in every answer on his person as something related to XBox ... I am certain his parents are beaming with pride).

But I could NOT stop laughing when I saw the picture below ...

And ... ?
Clearly, the concept of counting to TWO is not in this child's version of "Math."  Or perhaps their second thing is "not completing assignments."

Song Of The Day:
The Plain White T's did a popular song a few years ago that might be of great use to this child.  It is titled simply "1, 2, 3, 4" and hopefully this student recognizes the pattern in those numbers ... eventually.
This song was also chosen as a shout out to my awesome wife whose birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Karen!  I hope you enjoyed our day together.  I know I did!  :)


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