Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Did You Do ?

Rocky and I went to play golf a few weeks ago.
For the past three days (today included) I have been in all day training classes to learn a new system at work.  I used to look forward to getting paid for training all day, but that has changed as an exempt employee.  So, in order to keep my attention during class (otherwise my brain wanders too much for me to learn), I spent the days finding new ways to play pranks on the Loan In Supervisor (Rocky) I have recently been serving as a mentor for.

Here is a nearly comprehensive list of pranks I played on him over the few days.  Some were easier to achieve, while others took a lot of planning and effort:
- I added paper clips to random places on assorted papers in his table area.  This way, when he went to pull out the next training material he would get extra random pages and be confused as to what page we were on and reviewing.
- I added food to his plate during breakfast and lunch.
- I rearranged his pile of training papers just before he presented information to the class.  This put his responses out of order, but he handled it well.
- I added a large binder clip on pages in his pile of papers, but it was hidden from his view.  So when he picked up a worksheet we were supposed to turn in, the whole pile of papers came crashing off the table.
- I added the same large binder clip to his shirt sleeve.  That one stayed there for well over an hour before he noticed.  Ha ha ha!
- I drew a smiley faced waving guy on his cardboard coffee cup.  Then when he asked me why I did one of the above pranks I just said "He did it." and pointed to him.  You could only see the guy's eyes and hand above the insulated part of the cup.
- I used a glue stick at our table to glue a few of his notepad pages together.  I first did the bottom of the next page, which he tore about an hour later when trying to flip it.  I then did one several pages in that he won't see for about a week probably.
- I filled in the wrong answers on his worksheets.  This led to furious crossing out and rewriting on his part.  And a very difficult time of trying to stifle laughter on my part.
- While seated at the computers I adjusted the height of his chair and the backrest position.  I also moved his armrest heights so they were uneven.  This is more annoying than you might think.
- I responded to IMs (instant messages) for him (his girlfriend and the fitness center manager were very confused, and maybe a little worried by his random responses)
- I made the system skip ahead during phone calls as he was listening to them.  I thought he would recognize this right away but he just thought something was wrong with how the call recorded.
- Based on the above being a minor failure, I stepped it up and unplugged his headphones during call reviews.  That worked much better because he spent a few minutes trying to figure out why he wasn't getting any sound any more.  It was fun asking him to try plugging the headphones in.
- I typed extra keystrokes from the number pad on his keyboard while he was trying to fill out coaching plans and/or replying to emails.  Thank goodness for spell check!

Thanks Rocky for being, mostly, a good sport about all the hazing!  This blog post is in your honor, and titled after the question you began to ask me constantly as the training days wore on!

Song Of The Day:
In honor of Rocky, "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor ... not just for the movie but for the steely-eyed glare he gave me as he found these different things.  Just like the song, it became more intense as time moved on.


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