Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Is That Game Galled ?

My wife had a birthday a few days ago, which used to mean a birthday party would be held at our home in the next 7-10 days.  But Karen and I agree that we are not big fans of adult birthday parties any more (there's no set age for this, it just felt right to stop for both of us).

Instead, Karen really wanted to have adult family members over to play some large group games and just hang out (no kids allowed).  I was able to coordinate this and tonight we had about 9 adults in our living room and Karen really enjoyed herself.

We played a game we call Shenanigans (I have blogged about it before if you want more details).  And then after a few people had to leave we played another game which we called "Psychiatrist" but I'm not sure what it's actual name is.
The premise is that one person is "it" and they leave the room.  The remaining players decide on a certain theme or ailment they all suffer from (examples from our game would be: every answer includes a number ... or ... everyone will look at the bird cage at some point during their answer ... or ... all answers must include a euphemism for using the bathroom or a toilet reference of some kind).  The "it" person, or Psychiatrist, then re-enters the room and begins questioning his clients to try and identify that common ailment or characteristic.

It is a great game, but some people just do not seem to know how to play it very well.  I suppose it requires a certain level of creativity on the part of the individuals in the group, but after a few rounds I would have guessed that people would get a little better.  Some just didn't.  But then, that probably made it more amusing!

Song Of The Day:
I am certain my cousin Matt, who is a huge Queen fan, will love today's song more than most.  "Play The Game" is referring to love, but the lyrics talk about knowing the rules and finding joy in playing the game, which we certainly did!


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