Sunday, August 18, 2013

So Is It A Comedy ?

This past Thursday, my older brother Jeremy treated me to a special movie event.
The movie being shown was Starship Troopers ... but this was NOT an original or honorary showing of that film.
Instead it was a merciless mocking of this hollywood blockbuster flop from the genius minds of the Rifftrax crew.

The title question of today's post was overheard as my brother and I sat in the theater anxiously awaiting the fun poking barbs of the Rifftrax crew.  We chuckled to each other when we heard someone ask that question, probably thinking "Rookies!" and acting all smug.  You see, this is the second of what will be MANY movie events Jeremy and I will attend, because we love the mocking of mediocre (or very poor) movies.

You can look up all about Rifftrax at THIS link.  But if you remember a popular TV series titled Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you already know how the movies are ridiculed.  And you also know the level of wit and hilarity you can expect, even in a live event (which these showings are).

My favorite line from this mockery: "You're going to be the worst Bond girl ever.  Seriously!  They're going to call you Christmas Jones!"

Song Of The Day:
In honor of the title movie from this version of Rifftrax, I have selected my favorite song from the 80's group Starship (who actually had several different names).  "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" works for the song today too because these Rifftrax showings keep drawing larger audiences, which is great if you love these kinds of comedic events.


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