Thursday, August 29, 2013

How'd That Work Out For You Bro ?

The not-very-talkative guy who provided me with the fastest-in-the-world "How To" instructions on how to use the sod cutter I rented today asked me this blog post title when I returned the equipment this evening.

I guess he realized after I was gone that his explanation left me completely confused.

I figured it out myself, mostly through trial and error but also by piecing together the instructions he gave me while he pushed and pulled various levers and buttons.  From memory and using my super sleuthing skills I was able to engage the sod cutting blade at the right times, while maneuvering the drive chain for the wheels at the proper speed.  It is probably a miracle (thanks angels in heaven) that nothing was severed or destroyed.

Shout out to Brooklyn and Ben for their help in moving the dead and newly cut sod to the pile in the front easement.  I am not looking forward to loading that pile into a trailer or big trash bin, but it will be much easier from there than the middle of the yard.

Song Of The Day:
There have been many versions of the song "Grazing In The Grass" but I like this original version from The Friends Of Distinction.  I also like their group name.

Try to imagine this conversation about an upcoming party ...
          Random Nosy Friend:  So who's coming to this little shindig?
                    Me:  Um just Friends of Distinction
          Random Nosy Friend:  Does that group include me?
                    Me:  Nope.



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