Friday, August 30, 2013

Have I Created A Monster ?

Tonight, during her birthay party sleepover, I overheard my oldest daughter Brooklyn say the following to her peers:  "Okay.  So you all need to remember if you're the last person coming upstairs you need to make sure you turn off all the lights.  Because I just went downstairs and every light was on.  The movie room.  The bedroom.  In the hallway.  That's not okay guys so remember that, okay?!"

She then went on to make sure all of her friends said okay and they went on playing.

Oh boy!

While I am proud of her commitment to not wasting energy, etc. I think I may need to talk to her about timing of sharing that message.  Not the best at a birthday party!  :)

Song Of The Day:
I have actually already posted a comment on Facebook about the "stats" for tonight's party, but as a reminder ... myself and Spencer (9 months old) are the only males in this house right now.  In honor of all that estrogen, I revert back to "Women III" which is one of my favorite OMD songs.  The lyrics don't apply, but there are just so many females here ... driving me crazy!


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